The Hanover Institute
  Non-Profit Organization of Dartmouth Alumni, by Dartmouth Alumni and for Dartmouth Alumni  








The Hanover Institute

dedicated to educating
Dartmouth College Alumni

about important events at Dartmouth.


Frank Gado'58, Kim and Dartmouth University New

Conflict of Interest: Letter to NH Attorney General New

Gazzaniga nomination for Dartmouth Trustee

Dartmouth College Case #3

Dartmouth's Endowment

Statement on the 2009 Dartmouth College alumni election

Angus King ('66) Letter In Support of Parity

Welcome to the Hanover Institute, dedicated to educating Dartmouth College alumni about important events at Dartmouth.

We will focus primarily on those events that tend not to be covered in the official Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Alumni Office publications.

We hope to make it easy for Dartmouth alumni to remain informed on happenings at Dartmouth College.

We also hope to allow alumni to stay in touch and to share information.

1) The Institute has been involved in educating Dartmouth alumni about their Association of Alumni and recent, continuing, attempts to abolish the Association and replace it with a much smaller, less democratic, Alumni Council. The Institute will support alumni leaders who seek to expand alumni participation.

We intend to continue that effort.

2) The Institute will educate alumni about petition candidates for Dartmouth¯ard of Trustees and make sure that those candidates who are not anointed by the Council have the chance to get their message to all alumni.

The Hanover Institute is a non-profit corporation established by Dartmouth College alumni for the benefit of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth College alumni. It was incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in 2002.

All the efforts of the Institute are dedicated to making Dartmouth College the finest liberal arts college in the United States.

Hanover Institute
John MacGovern

(802) 674-2689



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