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The Hanover Institute
  Non-Profit Organization of Dartmouth Alumni, by Dartmouth Alumni and for Dartmouth Alumni  


More About Proposed New Constitution of the Association of Alumni


Join Those Opposed to the Proposed New Constitution

Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College

Some History: The Association of Alumni

In December 2002, the leadership of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College and the Alumni Council presented a proposal to the Association of Alumni meeting in Hanover that would amend the Constitution of the Association and destroy the Association of Alumni.

Now a new proposal has been presented and it too would destroy the Association of Alumni in all but name. This new proposal is fundamentally flawed.


1.    It destroys the Association of Alumni, an alumni body with 65,000 Dartmouth alumni each with one vote and only one vote and concentrates power in the hands of a few.   

2.    It raises barriers to petition candidates for trustee and tinkers with the trustee voting process.

3.    It creates special voting rights for certain classes of people based on race and sexual orientation.

4.    It is far too complex and complicated

5.    It is not necessary.


This new proposal in order to be adopted must first be approved by a two-thirds (was changed from three-fourths at the February 12 meeting) of all Dartmouth alumni voting in an alumni-wide all media election.


What does the Hanover Institute support?

We support the EXISTING Constitution of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College with the following amendments.

1.  Allow all alumni to vote at Association meetings whether they are in Hanover or not (would allow ALL alumni to vote for ALL the officers and executive committee of the Association and ALL alumni to vote on amendments to the Constitution.)

2.  Restore the right of alumni to vote for the second term of alumni trustees (taken away from all alumni in 1990 without notice or ratification).

3.  Run all meetings by a certain set of rules: Robertҵles of Order.

4.  Elect the Pro-Parity slate of alumni leaders who believe that Dartmouth's long-range future will be safer if guided by the combined wisdom and good will of the entire body of alumni, rather than by a small group, self-perpetuating and answerable to no one.


In addition, we urge the Alumni Council to adopt the reforms outlined in the proposed constitution which make IT more representative of the alumni it claims to represent.



Ultimately, this is a battle about who will serve as Trustee of Dartmouth College. For those who care about Dartmouth, no battle could be more important.


Now, for a moment, please let me lay out some history.


In the late 1800전artmouth alumni saved Dartmouth from irrelevance and extinction when they won the right to have one-half the board of trustees selected from the ranks of alumni and, more importantly, appointed through a selection process controlled by the alumni NOT the charter trustees.


The system under which the College was governed has not always been as today.  During the 18th and 19th Century, under the charter granted to Eleazer Wheelock by King George III, a closed system was in place.  By the 19th Century, an insular group of trustees (for life), empowered to appoint their successors (for life), had led the College into significant decline.  Reforms were demanded by alumni, and in 1891, the Board of Trustees "agreed to 'the unrestricted nomination by the alumni of five members of the board'"(Tobias, Old Dartmouth on Trial, 1982), giving the alumni one half of the seats on the Board.  With these new rights, a dramatic turnaround was accomplished, launching the College into the 20th Century, and fostering the pre-eminence that the College and its alumni enjoyed.


In the 1990നose rights were significantly diminished.


An amendment adopted in 1990 to the Constitution of the Association of Alumni transferred to the Trustees the authority to appoint Alumni Trustees to a second 5-year term rather than stand for re-election by the alumni. 

The 1990 amendment was adopted by less than 1% of the membership. Those who voted for this ceding of control were not aware of the events of 1891 or of the sea-change their votes represented.  There was no open, system-wide discussion of this change and no opportunity for the alumni as a whole to be heard on the issue.

On account of that vote, currently 75% of the open Board seats are filled by appointment by the Board.  The remaining 25% are the elected first-term (4 years) Alumni Trustees.  By this extraordinary action, against the interests of those they purport to represent, this small group of insiders have disenfranchised Dartmouth alumni significantly. Moreover, these same elites have been unwilling, over the past 15 years, to seek to regain the alumni governance rights held by the Association prior to 1990.

For example if these rights to vote on whether to re-elect an incumbent Alumni Trustee for a second five-year term had been retained (rather than transferred to the Board of Trustees for direct appointment) alumni would have had more than 12 opportunities since 1990 to change the composition of the Board and implement a true system of checks and balances.  Such a result could well have placed the College on a much more constructive course than the one it is currently pursuing which is producing so much anger and frustration.

At the December 2002 meeting of Dartmouthlumni Association and Alumni Council, a Joint ad hoc Committee presented a report named Ӵrong Alumni Voice, A Strong College? While describing their proposals as a 嵮iting?of the Association of Alumni and the Alumni Council, it actually is a naked takeover of the reins of the 62,000 member Association of Alumni by the Alumni Council. The proposals, if adopted, would transfer the governance rights of the 62,000 member Association of Alumni to the 122 member Alumni Council. 

On December 6, 2003, in the face of a largest snowstorm to hit New England in December in over 100years, alumni from all over the country showed up in Hanover and voted against the administration͊ ᫥over?constitution. On December 6, we won, 62,000 Dartmouth alumni won. The new joint constitution was defeated and the attempt to abolish the Association of Alumni was defeated.

But we must face a simple fact. Though alumni won a great victory, the current leadership of the Association will not give up. They have lowered the threshold vote for constitutional approval from three-quarters to two-thirds, they arbitrarily kept competing amendments off the agenda at the February 12 special meeting and will try to keep our amendments off the ballot that goes out later this year. All this will be done to try and ram through their so-called AGTF proposal in 2006. If we stay united, it will be defeated.

We plan to keep you all informed of developments as they occur.


Sincerely yours,


John MacGovern?0


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