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More About Proposed New Constitution of the Association of Alumni


Some Dartmouth Alumni and Alumni Groups who oppose the proposed new AGTF constitution:

All of Dartmouth Collegeലustees
, both current and former, selected by petition: CEO of Cypress Semiconductor TJ Rodgers '70, writer and author Peter Robinson '79, legal scholar Todd Zywicki '88, and Dr. John Steel 伯b> who all believe the proposed changes will be detrimental to fair trustee elections for future petition candidates.

Thousands of sons and daughters of Dartmouth, loyal alumni, who signed petitions to put four simple, clear, reform amendments on your ballot as an alternative to the AGTF proposal. These amendments implement the full enfranchisement of alumni voters (via all-media voting for amendments and officers) and ensure that meetings are conducted according to the standard Robert's Rules of Order.

Nearly 200 current undergraduates have signed a petition in opposition to the anti-democratic nature of the proposed constitution ᠳizable number considering alumni affairs are not exactly a top student priority.

Adam Patinkin '07, president of the College Democrats and Rahul Sangwan '07, president of the College Republicans, who co-authored an op-ed opposing the proposed constitution.

Andrew Seal '07, editor of the Dartmouth Free Press and Dan Linsalata '07, editor of the Dartmouth Review, who co-authored an article explaining why they think the new constitution is a bad idea.

The vote will take place by mail and by the internet, between September 15 and October 31. 

Please take the time to vote.

 Please join the broad coalition of Dartmouth alumni.

Please vote B>쯢>against the proposed new constitution and    for four simple amendments to the current 1891 constitution.

It is the best chance to bring true democracy to Dartmouth alumni governance.






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