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The Hanover Institute
  Non-Profit Organization of Dartmouth Alumni, by Dartmouth Alumni and for Dartmouth Alumni  


Board of Trustees


Important Message

2007 Update

In May 2007, Stephen Smith謠stellar independent petition candidate, was elected to Dartmouth¯ard of Trustees with 55 percent of alumni voting for him, decisively defeating the three nominees of the Alumni Council: Richard ᮤyᬤerson, Carol Oberg and John Wolf.

18,603 alumni voted in the election, roughly three thousand more than in the 2005 trustee election. Of that number, nearly 10,000 voted for Professor Smith.

The three official candidates were outstanding candidates. They are to be commended for offering to run for trustee. They are all accomplished individuals and a credit to Dartmouth, as was the vote of alumni for Stephen Smith.

Smith ran a race on issues, not personalities. And Dartmouth alumni made their selection based on those issues.

Professor Smith෩n is a great victory for the Dartmouth College and for reform.

Many thanks to all of you for your efforts, your energy and your devotion to Dartmouth.

2006 Update

In May 2004, T.J. Rodgers, a petition candidate, was elected Dartmouth College trustee. He was elected with fifty-five percent of the vote in a four-way race. 

Likewise, in May 2005, Peter Robinson 蠡nd Todd Zywicki 蠷on a decisive victory in the Dartmouth trustee election. For the alumni who elected them this is important and exciting news. The HANOVER INSTITUTE played a part in these great victories. 

The election of three new trustees presents a significant opportunity for change. The election of TJ Rodgers last year, and now of Robinson and Zywicki, indicates the growing concern of alumni over the direction of the College. The relatively small group that has been at the levers of power can be counted on to try to protect their advantages and inhibit broader participation once again. But if we act now, we can put an end to their persistent attempts to raise barriers to alumni influence in College policy. Indeed, the momentum generated in the past couple of years offers hope that, through officers truly representative of the Association of Alumni Majority,  we might restore full alumni rights--taken away in 1990--to select one-half of Dartmouth¯ard of Trustees.

No one can seriously doubt the strength of alumni sentiment expressed this May 2005. 15,334 Dartmouth alumni participated. Robinson received the votes of 7,376 alumni-- 48% of all the alumni who voted in a three-way race. Zywicki--with 6,844 (44%) was close behind.

This is an extraordinary win.

It is a decisive and dramatic win in a three- way race.

It is an even more impressive when one considers that, as petition candidates, they had no benefit from the Administrationযrmidable organizational machinery that worked all out for the Alumni Council backed candidates. Indeed, the petition candidates faced a barrage of hostile comment and disparagement by members of the Administration and present and past alumni officers who have vigorously supported, and been part of, the Establishment.

The Robinson/Zywicki campaigns clearly endorsed neither the current direction at Dartmouth College nor the current leadership of the alumni. In spite of that fact--or more probably, because of it-- 48% of Dartmouth alumni indicated support for them.

Anne D. Neal, president of the American Council of Trustees & Alumni, was thrilled when told of the election results.

"Alums have had enough," Neal said. "They are part of a growing cadre of alumni who understand that they need to step up to the plate. The 'go along, get along' approach isn't the way you keep colleges financially healthy and academically healthy."

These recent trustee victories make it clear that Dartmouth alumni do not support their so-called leaders, are in favor of change, and that they understand the change they want can only be achieved through new leadership. The HANOVER INSTITUTE will be ready to support such new leaders.


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